invincible summers

in the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. (albert camus)

happy post May 1, 2009

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more of Maru the cat:


happy post April 27, 2009

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Maru-the box kitty. ah, I love cats!


meet buddy August 2, 2007

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if anyone is still reading my blog, sorry i haven’t been around much. summers are always tough. it’s very hot and humid here which exhausts me. anyway…

i wanted to introduce buddy, the cat we adopted. he had been at a local shelter for almost two years. was in a bad fight a few years ago. i have no idea why he was at the shelter so long- he’s the sweetest thing. and very happy now.

here he is….


the phillip workman pizza story May 26, 2007

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i can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since i last posted here. i promise to return soon. i’m still in a bit of depression since putting my 16 year old cat to sleep and i’m finally working. it seems when i do have free time i choose online scrabble or yahztee over this blog.

two weeks ago i started to write a blog on philip workman, who was executed by lethal injection in nashville on may 10th. i didn’t plan to get into the politics of it all even though there was clearly massive amounts of corruption in his case. the blog was more about his beautiful gesture before he was executed. mr.workman requested that his final meal be a vegetarian pizza donated to any homeless person located near Riverbend Maximum Security Institution. the prison denied his request stating they do not donate to charities. and that is when my dear friend dona spangler stepped in. she called a local pizza place and charged $1200.00 worth of pizzas to her credit card and had them delivered to the nashville rescue mission.

you can read the full story here.

since that night dona has managed to collect most of the money she charged to her credit card from our friends, local filmmakers and a few strangers. and many homeless men, women and children had full stomachs and smiles, if only briefly, thanks to philip and few strangers.


two weeks later April 12, 2007

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it’s funny, i had no idea losing kinsey would be this difficult. it’s been two weeks and i have cried every single day since. last weekend i had an acupuncture session and it helped, yes, it did. it cleared up some of the depression that seems to always linger but it didn’t take away the pain of losing my cat.

i found an online grief support group and soon found out those that have lost a pet are not welcome there. we must go to the pet grief support group. there were angry comments about, it’s not the same. it’s not the same. well, i’m here to say, it is. all pain is the same. i’ve lost 3 grandparents and a cousin in the iraq war. i know what it’s like to lose someone you love. (more…)


she is gone March 30, 2007

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i put my cat to sleep yesterday. it was the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do. several days ago i started a blog about whether or not i should keep this website. and now i think i will. it’s been a healthy outlet for me. and at 5:30 in the morning, awaking for the third time crying i am here. i can hardly see the page. but i’m here. my eyes feel nearly swollen shut. and i want my cat, kinsey, next to me right this second.

i decided i did not want children. living with a mental illness has not been an easy road for me and i did not want to bring a child into what will probably always be a roller coaster life. and kinsey was my child. i’ve had her 16 years. and for most of those 16 years it was just the two of us. she’s been that one constant in my life. oh, i wasn’t ready for this. i thought i was, but who is?

it wasn’t the food that killed her. it was cancer. of the liver. a large tumor and she was in pain. her body was so swollen and full of fluid that the doctor had a hard time finding her veins. after the second injection- i could no longer look into those eyes that couldn’t close. i had to leave the room. my swain stayed with her, crying, as i screamed crying outside. it was the third injection that finally put her at peace.

we buried her at a friend’s house nearby. with beautiful trees and a bench. and flowers. her food dishes are gone. her litterbox, gone. her toys, the favorites, are with her. along with that silly red christmas bow i think she loved. i hear the birds chirping. i’ve been feeding them, and they are my new friends. i know life goes on. and it will. it just hurts right now.


menu foods March 24, 2007

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i thought my cat was safe. i read the articles, i followed the links to the foods recalled. and i must have overlooked the food i’ve been feeding my cat since late last year or it wasn’t listed early on. my cat is 16, almost 17. she’s been losing her teeth, it’s difficult to eat the hard food. she prefers soft food. she ate the same brand (not recalled by menu foods) for over 10 years and then she tired of it. for the next several years i switched brands every time she stopped eating it. she would be fine for a few months and then it was onto something new. late last year i bought a few pouches of pet pride at kroger. she loved it. she’s been eating it ever since. she particularly likes the sliced chicken and mixed grill. (more…)