invincible summers

in the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. (albert camus)

cats December 21, 2008

this will be a page dedicated to my dear sweet, Buddy. we were meant to meet and it was love at first sight. we adopted him from a shelter when he was seven, shortly after I lost my cat of 16 years to a large liver tumor. Buddy had been at the shelter for two years and was always passed by, like all things in life, there was a reason. Sure the children preferred the cute little kittens but I believe Buddy was waiting on us. The director of the shelter told me when he was brought to them, his poor body was bloodied and swollen and near death. They had to remove a lot of his teeth. His ear is nicked and his face is scarred. But his imperfections are what make him even more special to me.

Some of his favorite things are:

1) the fireplace-during the winter, as soon as he finishes his breakfast, he looks at me as if saying “ok, it’s time to build a fire, get on with it mom!” he spends hours in front of the fireplace.
2) whenever I’m baking (not that often and usually cookies) he always jumps onto the counter to watch. I often think he is there wishing he could help or just simply there to spend time with “mom”
3) watching birds and squirrels. when we have the money i often feed the birds and he loves to sit on top of his cat condo watching them and within 30 minutes or so, he passes out, basking in the sunlight.
4) he loves visitors and just about anyone’s lap
5) loves to be brushed-my previous cats always hated it.
6) sometimes when i’m online typing, he jumps in my lap and i have to reposition myself to make him comfortable and also allow me to continue to work or write…within minutes he is purring (we call him motorboat) and then shortly after he gets comfortable, he falls asleep and snores.

I will be posting pictures as I can. and sometimes funny cat videos I enjoy and I hope you enjoy as well.

his first day at home. immediately at peace.

sleeping after a morning of bird-watching

with his favorite toy, given to him by my friend. he has so many neat toys, but this simple mouse is his favorite

he loves playing games with us!

his favorite place. perfection.

superman buddy

my all-time favorite cat video, buddy loves these guys!


2 Responses to “cats”

  1. susan Says:

    awwwwwww. What a beautiful kitty!!!!!

  2. Dess Says:

    Buddy IS beautiful.As for the two cats conversing,they make more sense to me than most of the people I run in to…

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