invincible summers

in the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. (albert camus)

ordinary people December 23, 2008

Today I was reminded of one of my favorite films, Ordinary People. It won 4 Oscars back in 1980. Best Picture, Best Director (Robert Redford), Best Supporting Actor (Timothy Hutton) and Best Screenplay. And yet it’s one of those films many people have not seen. I used to wonder why. and today I understand. It’s simple really and I’m surprised I never thought of it before. I grew up surrounded by many who put on the Cleaver family front. It was safe. comfortable. And this film is anything but. This film is raw and painful. beautiful and sad. honest and real. If you are someone who chooses to live behind the Cleaver fence or normal facade…this is a movie that forces you to remove walls and think. feel. empathize. go to “unsafe” places.

First, watch the trailer: (more…)


my oscar picks (updated) February 21, 2008

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Well, I won the Oscar contest amongst friends and I’m not sure how considering I was off on several categories. I wasn’t able to enjoy the pre-Oscar shows as I was busy preparing the Oscar-themed food pictured below! Juno mini cheeseburges and orange tic tacs. No Country For Old Men taquitos. There Will Be Blood chocolate (oil) fondue and a red velvet cake in the shape of a bowling pin. and a few Sweeney Todd meat pies!!!