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in the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. (albert camus)

Hello AstraZeneca, here’s a little Bob Dylan for you. March 17, 2009

Hello there. You guys are always here and I think you know my story. What is your name? What is your story? Until you’d like to share, please stop visiting. Or did my last message to you piss you off so much that it left you speechless and you simply couldn’t comment? Or maybe you were sitting at your desk snickering and thinking: another crazy girl who’s gone off her meds! No, I bet I know what it is, you’re taking Seroquel! Your speech is slurred and you can hardly type or put a sentence together! I’m surprised you’re even awake this early, it’s not easy, I know from previous experience! A few more questions for you, my dear reader:

Do you have a child or a friend or a loved one? Is he or she depressed? If so, have you suggested Seroquel for their depression? And lastly, if you are taking Seroquel, have you been to your doctor lately to check for diabetes?

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I’ll end this entry with the great Bob Dylan. Maybe you’ll hear his words over and over in your head today, tomorrow and the next….


president obama November 4, 2008

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there are no words to describe tonight. i will try.

i spent the past two days door-to-door canvassing and met some amazing people. i’ll never forget their faces, their kind words and even those that slammed the door in my face. as i walked the streets and passed boarded up homes and children with no shoes, i was hoping and praying for this moment.

not only did obama (and we the people) win, we won by a landslide. we can all sleep well tonight knowing we will not awake to find it was all a lie.

the negative ads and phrases like, “palling around with terrorists” did not work this time. they might have frightened my 86 year old grandmother but they did not frighten more than 50% of the American people.

tonight history was made. from this moment on…children of all colors can aspire to be President of the United States. and that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

tonight i will pray for those who are too afraid to open their eyes to see what kind of man obama is. i will pray for those who are afraid to open their ears to hear what obama is saying. and i will pray for those who are afraid to open their minds…because if they did…they would know America just elected a man who will bring great change to our country and beyond. We elected a man who will UNITE us. fight for us. inspire and encourage us. There is nothing more patriotic than that.