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Breaking news in the Seroquel debacle May 21, 2009

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I’ve been following this for far too long…I had to post something. PLEASE click on this link as Furious Seasons has been covering this story in great detail for quite a long time.

FS sums it up best: AstraZeneca Exec Admits “Fuck-Ups” In Seroquel Study, Published Article.

I wish I could comment more, but I can’t. I’m about to delve into some heavy sexual abuse therapy. I have found a wonderful, loving, compassionate place and I’m feeling very hopeful for the first time in a long time. I’ll be facing the trauma/rape I experienced at 15. Although this will be a very painful process, my hope is, I will come out stronger, healthier and happier. I am still traveling the alternative path after ‘waking up’ and seeing/experiencing the dangers of the many medications I have been prescribed and taken for nearly 20 years. Seroquel being the worst. You can find my experiences with Seroquel by simply searching here but first, please click on the link mentioned above and well, yeah, just do it.


same to you, Johnson & Johnson March 17, 2009

By now we all know the Wayne MacFadden story, if you don’t, you can find more at this website, google him or click here. I have no idea what the website is, but regardless, Wayne is listed there as an employee of J & J.

Wayne Macfadden
Johnson & Johnson
1 Johnson And Johnson Plz
New Brunswick, NJ 08933-0001

Is this why Johnson & Johnson came to my site today via the Seroquel sex emails link? Who knows. But, whoever you are at J & J snooping around-see my post below to AstraZeneca. And I’ll ask you, are you taking Risperdal? Would you *pimp* this drug out to your friends, family members or children?

Of course, if MacFadden is now an employee at J & J maybe it’s him. I can just see him at his computer, popping Vicodin, googling “Wayne MacFadden sex seroquel” and ending up here. Meanwhile, he has a chat window open and he’s furiously typing away, promising to *punish* a girl over at Eli Lilly. Or Wyeth. oh, I give up….

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IP Address 148.177.1.# (Johnson & Johnson)
ISP Johnson & Johnson
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seroquel internal emails March 15, 2009

oh jeez. really. i am speechless. just CLICK HERE and download/read the the emails. it will take all but 5 minutes of your time. i might post more later but this crap just makes me sick. need some time to breathe. breathe. breathe.

and for more on this bizarre, truly messed up, um, um….just click here.