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funny December 18, 2008

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this made me laugh…out loud, several times. and i needed it.

Jim Carrey Reads Letterman Top 10


jim carrey slams long-term use of prozac December 17, 2008

Full disclosure: I love Jim Carrey. I admire his honesty about his life, his mental illness and I think he’s a great actor especially in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Truman Show and Man on The Moon.

He was on Larry King Live and actually slammed long-term use of Prozac. There are a few bloggers out there comparing him to Tom Cruise (Scientology) but Jim’s message is right. In my opinion, it’s the others who need to educate themselves. I do not believe Jim is anti-meds like Scientologists, I think he’s simply anti-meds that do not work, have horrific side effects, make us sicker or those we know nothing about the long-term side effects and risks. and he’s not afraid to talk about all of this with the host of a popular show. Kudos to you, Jim!

Here’s a clip, although the entire interview is worth watching:
(2:06 minutes into clip)

Here is part of the transcript with the Prozac conversation: (more…)