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in the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. (albert camus)

dennis quaid testifies May 14, 2008

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Dennis Quaid testified today on Capitol Hill telling Congress about the near-fatal drug mix-up in which his newborn twins were administered 1,000 times the normal dose of a blood thinner.

At issue before the House Reform and Government Oversight Committee is a move by regulators at the Food and Drug Administration to step into lawsuits on the side of defendant drug companies.

In court, the drug companies argue that federal regulation should pre-empt the filing of lawsuits under state law, a matter that will come before the Supreme Court later this year in a case from Vermont.

The Quaid family is suing drug maker Baxter Healthcare Corp., which is seeking dismissal of the lawsuit on federal pre-emption grounds that the FDA approved the labeling.

“Like many Americans, I believed that a big problem in our country was frivolous lawsuits,” Quaid testified. “But now I know that the courts are often the only path to justice.”

Quaid said that if all lawsuits are pre-empted, “it will basically make us uninformed and uncompensated lab rats.”

Dennis is furious. He’s blaming the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. I couldn’t agree with him more as both are extremely corrupt. However, the mainstream media (MSNBC and other sources) gave this hearing airtime because a celebrity was testifying, typically I would have to watch this kind of hearing on CSPAN2. Infuriating and sad.


i’m back

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finally, i’m back. after 50 plus days of non-stop work, new friends, stress that has left me physically and emotionally exhausted and….a new computer. a pretty macbook to replace my old ibook g4.

life is good.