invincible summers

in the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. (albert camus)

Robert Whitaker on Madness Radio March 28, 2009

Gianna at Beyond Meds posted an incredible interview with Robert Whitaker on Madness Radio. I encourage you to click on the link above to listen to the interview in its entirety and pass it along to everyone you know or link to it at your site.

Here are my thoughts/ramblings on it, which I posted in the comments section:

Gianna, thank you so much for posting this! Well worth 50 minutes of my time. Bob had so many wonderful things to say and I’m really looking forward to his new book!

I would like to see Bob and others like him on shows like, say, The Today Show. If he’s been on this show or similar shows, my apologies, I don’t watch them. People listening to Madness Radio or NPR are not necessarily the crowd that needs to be addressed although there is nothing wrong with it, don’t get me wrong. We need voices like this more than anything right now to pass along this strong and crucial message. However, the majority of us listening to Madness radio, etc already know these facts. We know the problems. We want the Biedermans and Goodwins in jail (well, at least I do!) Part of our problem is simple, the corporations own the networks, they own everything and voices like Bob’s are often silenced. The FDA has issues and on and on…

This interview reminded me of a personal experience I had with a dear friend of mine. Last year, her 4 year old young son threw a rock at girl in his class. He was 3 at the time. The teacher called my friend and said, “Your son should see a doctor and he needs to be medicated!” Then my friend received another call from the teacher, a week or so later, saying she thought he had a mental illness. Hello! He’s a toddler and a threw a rock at a girl-it’s not like he’s not out there killing animals for fun. He’s actually a very sweet boy and highly intelligent-I know because I’ve babysat him on many occasions-his level of intelligence intrigues me and I adore him. First of all, since when did teachers start diagnosing, er, mental illnesses? Secondly I don’t think this would have ever happened before the Joe Biedermans of the world came into power and manipulated our system and began destroying and murdering innocents lives. Luckily, my friend knows all too well my experiences with psychiatric medications and she certainly wasn’t going to put her young son on them. She also yanked him out of that particular day care school. But I will bet a thousand dollars, if she would have taken her son to a doctor, he would have been medicated. Bob mentioned we might not see a revolt of sorts until the parents of these medicated children see the damage from these drugs. Unfortunately that could be 5 to 15 years from now and it’s something I’m not willing to wait for.

On a side note: I would like to see the end of pharmaceutical advertisements now. Not tomorrow, not 2 years from now. NOW. It’s a big part of the problem. A huge majority of our society prefers the quick fix over some of the holistic, healthier approaches mentioned in the interview. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture and supplements do not equal big money. So, we have a big problem. We see commercials running constantly promoting such and such pill. People of all ages go to the doctor, are prescribed the pimped medication and of course, it doesn’t work. They return and they are prescribed another medication and the cycle continues. Meanwhile-doctors have no clue what the long-term side effects are of some of these medications because of course the studies are fixed.

Which is why I adore you and all of the other voices out there-soon enough (and it’s beginning to happen, I believe) our voices will be heard loud and clear and the cycle will be broken. I hope, sooner rather than later, our voices will outnumber Big Pharma and their lobbyists, the corrupt doctors, etc… and I hope this happens before thousands, if not, millions more lives are destroyed.


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