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AstraZeneca-more corrupt everyday March 16, 2009

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Here’s the latest on the AstraZeneca/Seroquel drama:

In the court of public opinion, AstraZeneca is taking a beating over its handling of Seroquel, the blockbuster antipsychotic pill that’s the subject of thousands of consumer lawsuits claiming it caused their diabetes. In the court of law, though, the drug maker is fighting back.

A three-day hearing in Delaware Superior Court last week offered a preview of how AstraZeneca lawyers intend to thwart plaintiffs who blame Seroquel for their diabetes. The company faces lawsuits from more than 15,000 plaintiffs, including hundreds of cases in Delaware, where Seroquel was developed and where AstraZeneca has its U.S. headquarters.

During last week’s hearing — a pretrial proceeding in what could be the first Seroquel case in the country to go to trial — AstraZeneca’s attorneys tried to convince Judge Joseph Slights III to throw out testimony from three expert witnesses who connected Seroquel use to diabetes.

Attorneys and plaintiffs are now watching to see how Slights will rule. A win for AstraZeneca could avert a trial scheduled to start June 29.

now, here is the very interesting part:

The case was brought by Kansas resident Nina Scaife, 46, who started taking Seroquel in May 2003 and was diagnosed with diabetes a year later, according to testimony.

AstraZeneca, which has said that it will litigate each Seroquel case on its individual merits, argued that Scaife’s expert witnesses failed to examine the scientific issues rigorously enough to satisfy legal requirements.

Moreover, the drug maker’s attorneys said, Scaife — and all the other plaintiffs to date — have additional risk factors for diabetes that make it impossible to single out Seroquel as the cause of the disease. In the case of Scaife, for instance, lawyers argued that factors including her obesity and African-American ethnicity had already elevated her risk of diabetes before she took Seroquel.

“I can’t see how the plaintiffs can win,” said Michael Kelly, a Wilmington-based partner in the law firm McCarter & English, who’s slated to try the Scaife case for AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca is arguing the factors including this woman’s obesity and African-American ethnicity had already elevated her risk of diabetes before she took Seroquel. Really? Disgusting. Well, AstraZeneca, I gained 40 pounds in two months on your lovely drug, Seroquel. I am Caucasian. I was never overweight until I began my journey with psychiatric meds. My grandmother died entirely too young due to complications from diabetes and guess what- she was on psychiatric medications for many, many years.

A question for you, AstraZeneca: Tell me, how many years have you known (and hid the data) that your drug was linked to weight gain and diabetes???? Would you say, for nearly ten years??? And lastly, a note to you, AstraZeneca: excuse my language but, f**k off. you make me sick.

To read more on this story click here or here.


8 Responses to “AstraZeneca-more corrupt everyday”

  1. Van Says:

    While I’m sure I will have my fare share of health issues as I continue to heal, I think my lucky starts (and god if there is one) that I never took Seroquel.

    It is so very scary to see what big pharma drugs are doing to people and how there is little backlash via the public.

  2. Stan Says:

    I happen to believe when one of these cases gets before a jury; AZ will be singing a whole other song, like the jail house blues.

    They are now going to have to start spending their own stock holder’s money to defend this case; since the insurance they carry has limits, and they have already reached the one half billion dollar mark. There is much more evidence in this case, than in the Lilly case where Lilly decided they would cut their losses and plead guilty to the tune of billions.

    I can only imagine how many heads will roll at AZ when they lose that first trial. Somehow stock holders and boards of directors get a little jumpy when their company could be in litigation not only by 15,000+ injured patients, but with other competitors they may have stole information from or engaged in illegal activity pertaining to flow of misinformation and marketing . AZ has bet the whole house on this legal strategy, it could possibly bring the whole company down and place it on the sales block if they lose.

    This we be one interesting journey through high stakes justice to watch closely in the coming months.

    I happen to have faith that an honest jury will see through all the smoke and mirrors once it’s placed in their hands.


  3. giannakali Says:

    yeah, seroquel is another familiar poison I took and also gained weight on…I slept 12 – 14 hours on it routinely…who can hold a job if you have to sleep that much??

  4. clementine Says:

    Yes, be very thankful!

    thank you. I hope you are correct!!!!

    Yes, not only did I sleep 12-18 hours a day on Seroquel but when I would wake I was in a constant fog. Just horrible. My speech was slurred, I was alive but not living during my years on Seroquel.

  5. giannakali Says:

    My speech was slurred, I was alive but not living during my years on Seroquel

    yes me too…people thought I was drunk sometimes after i took it at night…

  6. dennysss Says:

    40 pounds in two months? And you only think that this is due to the drug sole effect? Now you are pushing it!

    You never been overweight before? So basically.. what? You took the drug and ate only salad, fruit and lot of water… and there you go.. 40 pounds gain? Am really sorry, but how can you pretend such thing?

    Your grandmother died entirely too young due to complications from diabetes (bless her)… So you never heard of heredity factors?

    Anyway… I m not defending AZ here.. at all! Maybe you should do something about it instead of finding yourself excuses!

  7. clementine Says:

    40 pounds in two months. My exercise and diet habits were the same before and after Seroquel. Did you click on the link in my entry? If you did you would be aware of the buried data that AZ hid for nearly ten years in regards to weight gain and diabetes.

    Have you taken Seroquel? If so, you would know about the constant zombie state you’re in solely, yes solely, from the drug. It’s easy to gain 40 pounds when a drug knocks you out, your speech is slurred, you can hardly think or work-my brain will never be the same because of Seroquel.

    My grandmother took psychiatric meds most of her life-her tragic death is what led to my awakening and fight. You have no idea what she went through thanks to the meds she was on.

    You’re not defending AZ? Okay, then what are you doing?

  8. giannakali Says:

    you don’t know what the f you’re talking about….I was a fit, hard, muscled and beautiful athlete until I took these drugs.

    I never over ate and I gained 100 lbs over 15 years…I also have never eaten junk food!!

    I’m now off all the meds and I’ve lost 40 lbs in 6 months!!! without trying to!! I haven’t done a damn thing to lose the weight…it’s melting off!!

    I expect the rest of it will come off too…it’s people like you who keep us down, shame us and make it all our fault…


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