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in the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. (albert camus)

seroquel internal emails March 15, 2009

oh jeez. really. i am speechless. just CLICK HERE and download/read the the emails. it will take all but 5 minutes of your time. i might post more later but this crap just makes me sick. need some time to breathe. breathe. breathe.

and for more on this bizarre, truly messed up, um, um….just click here.


8 Responses to “seroquel internal emails”

  1. Stephany Says:

    totally disgusting isn’t it?

  2. giannakali Says:

    wow! those emails are priceless…just think how humiliated that scumbag must be feeling…

    but s*&t, it’s hard to know if such people have those sorts of feelings…

  3. clementine Says:

    yes girls…it’s disgusting, they are priceless and we’ll see more and more of them. Quite frankly, I can’t wait.

    Gianna, I think you’re correct, I doubt most of these people have those sorts of feelings-similar to the jacka** I went back and forth with from Wyeth. Big Pharma, Big Insurance-they’re not thinking about us and they are built differently. Oddly enough my sister makes quite a fortune selling insurance, meanwhile, I sit here, uninsured and never hear from her. She cannot relate to me, she does not understand those feelings. I’ve stopped asking myself, how do these people sleep at night. It’s all a big game to them and it disgusts me but I think we’re seeing the beginning of the end of Big Pharma. *crossing fingers*

  4. stan Says:

    So this is the ethical and professional business model for psychiatry and pharma. Macfadden left AZ and got a job right away with J&J; which tells you a lot about what is valued in this industry.

    Let’s all remember also that there are still unsealed documents sitting in a judges chamber. Yet even if those are disclosed to the public; you can only imagine that much of the really bad stuff has been shredded and buried long ago. {Only thing missing in this torrid tale is finding the dead bodies; and then it’s a Hollywood Block Buster in waiting}

    I guess what really amazes me in this whole quagmire, is that the FDA is just sitting on their hands and doing nothing. Make you wonder who these corporations can’t buy; including a judge or two?

    Though I must say they make Lilly look like a wilted rose in comparison to AstraZeneca. I couldn’t help but find the humor in this tragedy on my blog though.


  5. clementine Says:


    Thanks for your comment. Those of you who have commented here are far better versed on this subject than me. It’s an awful mess, I do know that. I take it way too personally because, well, like most of us, I’ve been a guinea pig for Big Pharma for more than half my life. I will never be the same because of the medications Big Pharma and doctors have pumped into my body. Yes, all the while, the FDA had their blinders on and were bought and paid for.

    Luckily, so many of us are taking a stand and saying good bye to the deadly meds and I hope there will someday be a revolution of sorts. Although it will take more than these sex emails, internal docs, etc…because yes, the FDA is corrupt. Our government seems to still be corrupt. I have not had time to research the new FDA commissioner (Dr. Margaret “Peggy” Hamburg) but I plan to when I’m feeling better.

    On another note, when it comes to health CARE in this country- big pharma and insurance companies should not be at the table. I don’t see that being the case anytime in the near future. I don’t see their lobbyists going away anytime soon as well. Simply because, Bill Maher and others sum it up best: “there’s no money in healthy people”

    Anyway, I’ve also started to find humor in all of these tragedies and maybe it’s because I’ve lost hope. I don’t want to but I’m slowing losing it.

    my best to you…

  6. Stephany Says:

    Well, MacFadden is a scumbag, but Michelle O’Donovan worked over at BMS for Abilify “editing” their abstract. She, is the one who has betrayed us all almost more than anyone else. I’d like to call her something, but will refrain from it!

  7. Stephany Says:

    (besides “working” for MacFadden at AstraZeneca)

  8. Stephany Says:

    May 6, 2009

    “In previous blog posts,I wrongly identified Dr.Michelle O’Donovan as the Parexel employee (whose name is unknown) with whom Wayne MacFadden, the U.S.Medical Director for AstraZeneca’s drug Seroquel,testified to having to having an affair in the multi-district litigation,In re: Seroquel. Dr.Michelle O’Donovan is not the Parexel employee in question, and I regret the error.”

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