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sinus pain and depression? February 18, 2009

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I haven’t been around much, I’ve been feeling lousy. Horrible sinus problems. And I believe the cysts are back on my right ovary or my Adenomyosis is acting up. Anyway, several weeks ago a friend of mine sent me this article. I get so many emails, I really didn’t pay attention to it until this week when my sinus problems worsened. This has me thinking.

“Bodily pain is not listed as a symptom of chronic sinusitis in general medical texts or journals and as a result, patients are sometimes diagnosed with unrelated conditions such as arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome,” said the study’s author Alexander C. Chester, M.D., an internist and clinical professor at Georgetown University Medical Center. “Unfortunately, this leaves too many people unaware of treatments for sinusitis that can improve their overall condition.”

I had hay fever and severe sinus problems as a child. I remember missing school because of it. I remember my eyes were constantly swollen shut during severe attacks. Here I am some thirty years later still dealing with sinus pain and I must wonder-if I could “fix” this problem-would the depression go away? I’m thinking it’s worth a shot. The friend who emailed me the article had sinus surgery the other day. He is recovering well and I hope to speak with him soon about it. He too has suffered from depression and it will be interesting to see if his depression dissipates. Well, that’s all I have the energy for right now. Oh, for those of you who are regular readers-the Effexor sample is still sitting in my bathroom drawer unopened. I decided, thanks but no thanks. I’m going the alternative route. It’s my body, my mind and I’m sick and tired of these doctors and pills messing with it.

Goodbye antidepressants and antipsychotics. Hello again, Eastern Medicine.


10 Responses to “sinus pain and depression?”

  1. Ana Says:

    You’re off Effexor!
    I’m happy for you.

  2. giannakali Says:

    best to you….
    I think of you often and miss you…

  3. clementine Says:

    thanks gianna.
    i think of you often as well…
    and hope to be feeling better soon and back around.

  4. Stephany Says:

    Just stopping by to say hi

  5. giannakali Says:

    have you heard of a neti pot? I know people who swear by them…and no drugs are involved…

    initially people think they seem gross but once one gets over that they are supposed to be totally awesome…

    google it and see what you think.

  6. John D Says:

    Sinus pain? Wouldn’t it be great if that turned out to be it – to pinpoint a specific trigger? I hope that leads somewhere – and I also hope you feel better soon!

    Your sketch in the doctor’s office has great potential – 30 Rock? It brings to mind the 15-minute medication management sessions my old health plan switched to – It was amazingly efficient. The doctor didn’t have to know anything about me to prescribe all sorts of inappropriate drugs. Why bother with the details?

    Perhaps it’s grim humor, but it helps to get a little distance so the total folly stands out.

    My best to you — John

  7. clementine Says:

    I have heard of the neti pot-actually saw it for the first time on “Six Feet Under” I have never tried but plan to buy one as soon as I can afford it. Every time I see it at whole foods, etc, I think, I need to buy that! Thanks for the reminder. much love to you!

    thank you and the doctor’s office script-well, I wrote that quickly after a horrible doctor’s appt. Actually my swain and I have been working on a feature screenplay that deals with all sorts of things….life, love, war, mental illness and lastly, big pharma. So, I’m hoping we can finish the script and sell it. Word needs to get out in the film medium. all my best to you!

  8. Val Says:

    Surfed over here via your comment on Gianna’s…
    I’m w/ya on the chronic sinusitis misery – I have a Neti pot which does seem to help; if only I could get in a regular habit of using it 😉 !

  9. markps2 Says:

    I got chronic sinusitis.
    I read on th last psychiatrist blog the psychiatric “medicines” can act like Antihistamines.
    “One molecule binds to H1, so it isn’t an antipsychotic, it’s an antihistamine.”

    After high doses of pharma drugs I am guess my immune response is messed up.

  10. clementine Says:

    very interesting. i’ll have to think about it. still sick. i follow the last psychiatrist’s blog and somehow missed this whopper of an entry. thank you for your comment and bringing it to my attention.

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