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some humor (kinda) December 30, 2008

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just a simple post. the last entry drained me a bit and i need to do some soul-searching, might be gone for a day or two…maybe not.

anyway, today i had to see my internist (can’t afford a psychiatrist) for a follow-up visit. i actually arrived early, i was feeling good. the birds were chirping. i didn’t have to wait for an elevator. i entered the cramped elevator and pressed 7, smiling and then the elevator stopped at the hospital level and a girl resembling a beauty queen or former cheerleader entered.

she kinda looked like this…


except she was wearing a suit, toting a crate on rollers stocked full (almost overflowing) of Lexapro. her shoulder touched mine and my smile faded. i wanted to push her. punch her. but no, i was a good girl. she got off on the same floor and went a different direction. i was tempted to follow her and give her an earful but I knew she would just blankly stare at me and say something like….

“I personally believe that US Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don’t have maps and that I believe our education like such as Lexapro, blow job, lunch on me, wink wink, South Africa and the Iraq, and everywhere, such as, Lexapro, here’s some pens and notepads, aren’t they pretty? and I believe that they should our education over here in the US, should help the US, or should help South Africa and help the Iraq and the Asian countries so that we will be able to build out our future for us. Gimme an L! Gimme an E! Gimme an X! Gimme an A-oh gosh darnit i forget the rest….”



11 Responses to “some humor (kinda)”

  1. Van Says:

    There is a reason attractive women are in sales….

  2. clementine Says:

    yep. i remember reading a few years ago about big pharma recruiting former University of Kentucky cheerleaders.

    do they recruit chippendales (ugh!) for the female doctors? 🙂

  3. giannakali Says:

    yeah, it’s true they do go for attractiveness…BUT they are also SUPER smart and savvy…

    no blond bimbos in the true sense…

    here’s a good description of how slimy they are….I think this guy is still slimy and just admitting it…

  4. clementine Says:

    weird! I posted that video on your NING page this morning after 4 hours of sleep!!!

    You are correct, he is slimy and they are trained to be in some cases (but you’ve gotta have that in you)

    The girl yesterday just happened to look like a blond bimbo and I sensed she might have been trained well.

  5. giannakali Says:

    one of our ning members is Gwen Olsen, ex-pharm rep, but true Goddess…

    she’s a wonderful woman…has written a good book too…

    here is her website..

  6. giannakali Says:

    oh, by the way…I did see that video up on ning (the one you put) but I had already seen it so I didn’t look closely and didn’t even note who had put it there…

    I get an email for every bit of activity that happens on that board right now and it’s a bit overwhelming…I try to sort through it and get to the stuff that needs my attention only…

    in any case…we both recognize a good video when we see one, huh?

  7. Stephany Says:

    They do recruit cheerleaders. One day I was at the lab w my daughter and Ken and Barbie walked in with their wheelie suitcases. Barbie had the enourmous Lexapro plastic bag fully loaded. I thought I was having a delusion that Malibu Barbie and Ken were real.

  8. jtb Says:

    theses people are NOT smart (on the whole). they are attractive. that is the number one requirement for pharma rep employment. period. are they well trained? sure. are they steeped in big pharma propaganda that they can regurgitate on command? absolutely. while some of these folks might be intelligent, the bulk of them are just good looking DRUG PUSHERS. and the shit they sell is much more harmful than the green shit i buy that comes packaged in a sandwich bag and helps my anxiety better than most pills. the FDA should outlaw these so-called pharmaceutical reps.

  9. Stephany Says:

    My funny story about pharma reps is one was waiting in my psych’s office waiting room (bad idea). He was bearing gifts of large latte’ mugs with “Invega” printed on them and stuffed with Invega samples. I looked at him and asked ,” Oh are you here representing the Son of Risperdal?” “Uh, yes.” he replied. I asked him “Do you store your samples in a controled temperature environment or your garage?” “Do you have a business card in case I have a question later?”

    He was so flustered, it was evil fun rattling off the mechanism of action questions and if he knew he was pimping out a generic version of Risperdal.

    “Nice mugs”. I said as I walked out.

  10. clementine Says:



    i love that story!!

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