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the united states of tara December 29, 2008

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Showtime has put the entire first episode of The United States of Tara on its website.


To access the episode, click on this link, and then click “Watch Now”

enter the password: tara

The comedy, which stars Toni Collette as Tara Gregor, a woman with multiple personalities, was created by Steven Spielberg, and developed by Diablo Cody of Juno fame. The show will officially begin airing January 18.

I just finished watching it and really liked it. a lot.


4 Responses to “the united states of tara”

  1. giannakali Says:

    hey…I need a password….do you have one for me?

  2. clementine Says:


    let me know what you think 🙂

  3. giannakali Says:

    eek…I can’t say I was comfortable with it…I know some people with DID but I don’t know enough about what their day to day life is like to know if it’s a good interpretation of what it’s like to live with that disorder…

    I would want to hear their take on it…

    I am a bit concerned that so far there is no indication that they are going to say anything about what causes DID…and that is horrible, insane, usually unimaginable to us garden variety traumatized folks, abuse in childhood…

    so I’m concerned about making light of a very serious condition and not really enlightening anyone about what it really is like…or what causes it

    It may turn out that later in the series they do such a treatment, but so far it does not seem like that is going to happen..

    I love love love Toni Collette…but I’m not so happy about portraying stuff like this in ways that do not help people understand the true nature of really most mental health issues and especially this one being profound, horrifying trauma…

    maybe her sister wouldn’t be such a cold bitch if she had been witness to said trauma…again, no indication that there was anything amiss in childhood.

  4. clementine Says:

    well, the writer is very hollywood. however, i also love toni and hope the series takes a different turn. i hope they don’t continue to make light of it, although it is a comedy and that is frightening. (kinda why girl, interrupted pissed me off so much, very hollywood or glossy) but, i will tune in just to see where they go with it. spielberg is behind it, i can only hope he’ll add a bit of the harsh, painful reality to it. my swain and i are writing a screenplay about the reality of this life we live and the battles we fight, the uphills and downhills, the dark and the light…it is very real…although i don’t know if we could sell it but we will certainly try once it’s finished.

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