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speaking (slurring) of seroquel December 26, 2008

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This news is absolutely ridiculous. pathetic. sad. infuriating.

AstraZeneca PLC said Wednesday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has asked for more information regarding the drug Seroquel, which AstraZeneca is trying to get approved for use by people suffering from depression.

read more here.

I’d like to hear from one person who has taken Seroquel for depression or bipolar and did not feel drugged all the time. who didn’t sleep all the time. maybe your speech was slurred or you felt underwater. I would certainly like to hear from someone who did not gain (a lot of) weight on this drug.

and let’s not forget those who were diagnosed with diabetes after taking this disgusting medication. don’t believe me? read this article, Dying from Diabetes: The mentally ill.

I am convinced Seroquel will not help those who are depressed. The only thing it will do is knock them out. How the %*$* is that helping?!?

a message to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration:
Do the right thing! Listen to the patients of the world-not Big Pharma!


11 Responses to “speaking (slurring) of seroquel”

  1. giannakali Says:

    oh…it helps with depression alright…it makes you feel dead…

  2. giannakali Says:

    or in other words nothing…nothing = no depression

  3. Meg Says:

    I’ve had all of the above. I’m a zombie. But right now I’d rather feel like a zombie than feel like killing myself.
    How sad is that?? 🙂

  4. kim Says:


    i completely understand, i was in a suicidal place a few weeks ago and left my doctor’s office with three prescriptions after a year free of meds. One was an antipsychotic (Abilify) Maybe you should try that- It wasn’t nearly as bad as Seroquel and it was short-term, I took it to get me out of that dark place and then quit it with my doctor’s approval.

    my best to you.

  5. clementine Says:

    exactly! i called it my “zombie” drug. i was the walking dead amongst the living.

  6. Van Says:


    I’ve been following you for a bit, believe I came by you from Chunks of Reality… anyway… I some time ago a former doctor suggested Seqoquel for me but I would not take it after I read the side effects.

    Then I came on the news that Seroquel increases the risk of diabetes. Is this also something you are worried about? How did you decide to take the med?


  7. clementine Says:

    I took Seroquel back in 2002/2003 per my psychiatrist’s suggestion and I trusted her at the time. During those years I was doing very little research and do not recall any links to diabetes then. I quit taking it around 2004 due to the tremendous amount of weight gain in a short period time and the numerous other side effects. It wasn’t until about 2-3 years ago I began reading about the links to diabetes. At that time, I had a different psychiatrist suggest Seroquel. I flat out told her diabetes already runs on both sides of my family and she couldn’t pay me to take it. After much resistance, she prescribed me Lamictal because I asked for it and that medication did work for a year or so. I got healthy again, started exercising, lost all the weight, etc. Now, I’m back to some weight gain but mostly because I quit walking 5 miles a day. And sure, I worry about diabetes but all tests have been negative to date…although my grandmother died from complications of diabetes and she ironically was always heavily medicated due to her mental illness, so the risk is there, regardless.

    It really shocks me (still to this day) that doctors are still prescribing Seroquel. It makes me sick.

  8. Van Says:

    Wow – I’m sorry to hear you’ve gone through that!

    Frankly, there is a lot in pharma that is going on that bothers me these days…. and I have really lost faith in doctors that are pushing meds they know are questionable simply because of connections they have to a drug company. I am not saying ALL do this, but it does go on.

    I really hope they clamp down on this…. and that all goes well for.

    BTW – thanks for the Blogroll add, I’ve done the same. =)

  9. Van Says:

    BTW – here is the Bloomberg article on Seroquel/diabetes link.

  10. clementine Says:

    oh yes, the drug pushing (and not knowing the long-term risks) goes on too frequently. but the Biederman stuff might be the beginning of the end, i hope. also, I believe we’ll be seeing major, positive changes with the FDA beginning next year.

  11. […] invincible summers had a post that was discussing Seroquel – specifically that the FDA is requesting more […]

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