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in the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. (albert camus)

celexa=insomnia December 18, 2008

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it’s 5:30am. awake since 8am. celexa=insomnia, i am sure of this.

a long day of shopping and wrapping gifts for needy families. not with my money. i have none. and we will have little to no gifts under our tree this year. but that is okay. as much as i love them…these kids need them more. i want these kids to feel hopeful. and happy. if only for a short time.

i took the celexa an hour ago…heading to bed soon and i’m sure i’ll wake in a few hours.must call doctor tomorrow. i think it’s time to return to vitamins
(and continue the xanax until this clears)
at least i’m not where I found myself a couple of weeks ago
must finish wrapping the gifts with the santa claus, snowmen, spongebob and charlie brown wrapping papers in a few hours. and then begin preparing for our holiday party on saturday. printing recipes.
scents of pine, cinnamon and candy canes.

sleep. i feel it coming. soon. finally.


One Response to “celexa=insomnia”

  1. Stephany Says:

    I’m thinking of you! I’ve been battling insomnia lately too. I also came by to say have fun at your party, I hope it goes great!

    Lots of snow and ice here, ugh!!! skidded in and ran my car up a curb. I am too old for that fright. LOL

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