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another chinese vendor recall August 2, 2007

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here we go again. another chinese vendor recall. fisher-price announced this week it is recalling 83 types of toys, including big bird, elmo, dora and diego characters, because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead. 967,000 plastic preschool toys were made by a chinese vendor and sold in the US between may and august.

over the last 12 months we’ve had the following chinese vendor recalls:

1.5 million wooden railroad toys and set parts from the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway product line because of lead paint

over 100 brands of cat and dog food tainted with rat poison which led to many deaths

toothpaste that contained diethylene glycol, a chemical used in antifreeze and brake fluid

a chemical abortion pill with a possible contamination of RU-486, which has led to at least 6 documented deaths in North America and hundreds of severe adverse effects in women

450,000 tires made without a safety feature, called a gum strip, which helps bind the belts of a tire to each other

five types of farm-raised fish because they might have contained chemicals that eventually cause cancer

300,000 children’s play rings for high lead content sold at family dollar stores

easy-bake ovens were pulled from the shelves of toys “r” us, wal-mart and target stores because children were getting their hands trapped in the oven doors

the question is, who is at fault here? well, click on the below image:

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