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mentally ill=crazy? April 17, 2007

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i know the shootings at virginia tech have deeply saddened all of us. the details are still sketchy but there’s an interesting report at bbc, my preferred source of news, you can read it here. it seems students are angry because there was a two-hour gap between the two incidents. they complained they received no warning from the university until an e-mail more than two hours after the first incident. i find that gap of time very strange.

my swain attended virginia tech and we’ve been watching cnn most of the day, however, i’m tired of the news here in the states. there is little reporting. we have a bunch of talking heads and it’s frustrating. early on, a psychiatrist on cnn said something about the shooter was probably “off meds” and that sort of thing…you know, mentally ill, unstable…i’m sure we’ll hear bipolar thrown in there sooner or later.

i was talking to my dad earlier on the phone and i brought up the shootings, he mumbled something about, yeah, i can’t believe it, that guy was crazy.

to most, mentally ill = crazy. and we wonder why the stigma still exists.

my thoughts and prayers are with the virginia tech students, faculty and their families.


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