invincible summers

in the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. (albert camus)

hours of cheap entertainment December 5, 2006

Filed under: fun — clementine @ 8:18 pm

it started with a simple question. or statement. in my best whiny voice, “i’m sick of these blue folders on my desktop. i wish i could change the color or something. anything!” and then i was off, in another room, doing something else. call it attention deficit disorder. call it boredom. call it whatever. that’s what i do. i start something. i say something. and then i’m on to something else.

a few moments later i returned to the room and my geek swain had googled “mac desktop icon folders,” he was at this website and this one.

we spent the next, oh, four hours, choosing, downloading and assigning new icons for my desktop folders. after that was complete, i created new folders because i wanted to use more icons. and so now my hard drive is HAL-9000. my scripts, the willy wonka chocolate bar. my resume folder, frosty the snowman. my address book, the piece of paper with marla singer’s number from fight club. the games folder, a scrabble tile. my dga folder is R2D2. the media folder is the video message from guy fawkes in v for vendetta. the dictionary is the ark from raiders the lost ark., etc…

if you’re bored, broke or it’s just too cold to go outside…may i suggest these???


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