invincible summers

in the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. (albert camus)

the adventures of nino April 16, 2006

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if you have not seen the film amelie, you should.

it is the story of a hopeless romantic, amelie poulain. a woman who decides to become a force of good in her small corner of the world. in the process, she encounters nino quincampoix who may be her soulmate – if she can ever find the courage to talk to him face-to-face and admit her feelings for him. her father has a hidden desire to travel, so, in order to bring his interest to the surface, amelie kidnaps his garden gnome and has it photographed in front of various geographical landmarks around the world.

shortly after the film was released i bought a gnome. he is my traveling companion. his name is NINO. we have traveled all over the country. his favorite states: new mexico and colorado. this weekend we traveled through three states—our first stop: kentucky, to the abraham lincoln birthplace national historic site. with nino the gnome in my backpack, i climbed the fifty-six steps, one for each year of lincoln’s life, leading to the memorial building. i approached the park ranger, who stands guard so that one does not cross the rope to touch or enter the lincoln cabin, and asked her if i could remove the gnome from my backpack and photograph him in the doorway. she said, “i’m sorry, no pets are allowed.” i explained, that no, this was not a pet, it was simply a garden gnome. out of curiousity and confusion she agreed. nino stood at the door of the cabin as tourists watched in amusement when i photographed him. to be continued…


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